Is the V-map System a Real Time Kinematic system or a Post-Processing based solution?

The V-map system is based on post-processing rather than real-time kinematic (RTK) for the simple reason that with RTK, the additional weight and power consumption of suitable radios would limit flight time and add to operational complexity. RTK is only really necessary for precise navigation, something the V-map system is not intended to be used for. 


Is the GPS Post Processing Software included in the purchase of a V-map system?



Will the V-map system work with my autopilot/flight controller?

Yes! V-map is platform independent, which does not just mean that it can go from your fixed wing UAV to your Multi-rotor but also means that it operates independently of your flight controller. In fact, there is no connection between the V-map system and your flight controller unless you are using your flight controller to create events in the V-map log file. So whether you are using an APM, Pixhawk, NAZA, WOOKONG, MICROPILOT, Mikrokopter, Microdrone, or any other flight controller, V-map will still work!


Is my camera compatible with the V-map system?

Please contact us and give us the brand and model of your camera that you would like to use with the V-map system. Certain cameras are compatible and others are not. One thing to check for right away with your existing camera is whether or not it limits the shutter speed when you put a flash on the hot-shoe. If it does, your camera may still be compatible, but limiting the shutter speed will result in less than desirable photography. 


What if the camera I want to use with the V-map system does not have a hot-shoe?

In this situation, we do have some hardware that you can include between the source for triggering your camera (autopilot or radio receiver) and your camera which will simultaneously send a pulse to the V-map system to mark the exposure at the same time as sending the exposure command to the camera. You will have to calculate for the latency between exposure command and actual exposure and then apply this correction to the event in the V-map data in order to get precise positions. Contact us if you have more questions here.


Does the V-map system observe GLONASS?

Yes, though it is not part of the standard configuration. If GLONASS is desired, please let us know when you place your order. 


Does the V-map system write the GPS positions to the EXIF Headers of the images?

No, V-map is a post processing based solution which means that until the V-map data has been processed, the GPS positions will be in the Stand Alone accuracy domain (3-5 Meters / 9-16ft). Once the V-map data has been post processed and the camera exposure events interpolated, the GPS positions can be written to the EXIF headers of your images.


Does the V-map system trigger the camera by time or distance? 

The V-map system does not trigger your camera nor does it have any control over your camera. The V-map system only records the moment at which your camera (or other sensors) expose. 


Can I use the V-map System for Ground Based Surveys?

Absolutely! We provide special hardware that contains a battery (re-chargeable LiPo) that will allow you to mount your V-map unit as well as the camera to a Survey Rod. Please contact us for more information on this.